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Player eligibility and classification

NEW 2021 Wheelchair softball functional classification guidelines & Player Eligibility

In 2021 the NWSA will change to the functional classification point system utilized by the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) and United States Quad Rugby Association (USQRA). The eight-class NWBA system and the seven-class USQRA system will now be used to determine a player's point value when playing wheelchair softball.

Here are a few pieces of information and highlights regarding the new system:

  • Twenty-eight (28) points will be the new total player point value maximum on the field for wheelchair softball games.
  • Players must use their existing in NWBA or USQRA certified classifications in wheelchair softball if they have them.
  • Previously unclassified or new wheelchair softball players will be initially classified by a certified local team classifier, verified by opposing team classifiers, and certified at the World Series by NWSA classification panel.
  • Players having been previously classified by NWSA during previous WSWS competitions will need to have their classifications verified by opposing team classifiers this season, and certified at the World Series by the NWSA classification panel.
  • Each team must identify at least one player or volunteer to become a certified team classifier using NWBA's online classification certification system. That individual will serve as the team's certified local classifier and verify proposed player classifications from other teams during local tournaments. Players interested in becoming a certified classifier should contact their team's organizer or coaching staff.
  • Player's wishing to play as a quad player must have an existing valid USQRA classification, or get classed during the season by certified team classifiers. In NWSA's functional classification system quadriplegics will play at .5 points or free (0 points) depending on their USQRA classification.