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NWSA 2020 News & Notes vol. 2

By Bruce Froendt, Commissioner, 04/06/20, 11:30AM CDT


COVID-19 update, Classification system change & more

In this edition:

Wheelchair softball and covid-19 and new classification info


Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the 2020 Wheelchair softball season


Due to the current series of events and uncertainties caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), the NWSA has developed the following guidelines regarding practices and tournaments for this 2020 summer season, including the 2020 WSWS. These guidelines are presented for the safety and health of our players, volunteers, families, and friends.  Operating as an association, the NWSA does not directly or indirectly control the practices or tournaments held by teams.


  • Teams should use their discretion regarding the holding of practices or the hosting of any tournament for the 2020 season. Teams should make these decisions in consultation with their sponsors and organizers under the advisement from their local community health officials. 
  • If tournaments are held at any time throughout the summer, teams should use discretion regarding travel and participation in another city. Considerations should include requirements dictated by local health officials and possible quarantine requirements when arriving or returning to another city or state during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Teams are requested to send updates to Commissioner Bruce Froendt at for updates to the 2020 season schedule listed on the NWSA website and Facebook page.


  • Players should use discretion regarding participating in any practices or tournaments for the 2020 season. Players should make these decisions in consultation with their families and team organizers, under the advisement from their local community health officials. 


  • 2020 Wheelchair Softball World Series – Biloxi, MS: A decision will be made and communicated by tournament hosts in May regarding the status of the 2020 championship tournament.


As each day passes, more information will be available within local communities to assist team organizers in making informed decisions regarding the 2020 season. We strongly encourage teams to follow the recommendations of their local public health officials to ensure the safety and health of our players, volunteers, families, and friends.




2020 USA Wheelchair Softball tournament schedule

(as of 4-6-2020)


  • May 23-24, Wheelchair Wind-Up Tournament, Pasadena, TX
  • June 6-7, 5th Mary Freebed Tournament, Grand Rapids, MI
  • June 6-7, Kansas City Diamond Tournament, Kansas City, KS/MO
  • June 6-7, Southeastern Slugfest, Greenville, SC
  • June 13-14, San Antonio STRAPS Inaugural Tournament, San Antonio, TX
  • June 20-21 National Wheelcats Classic, Nashville, TN
  • June 27-28, CPD/Shirley Ryan Tournament, Chicago, IL
  • July 11-12, Minnesota Twins Tournament, Minneapolis, MN
  • July 11-12, Columbus Reds Softball Tournament, Columbus, OH
  • July 11-12, Crossroads Wheelchair Softball Classic, Victoria, TX
  • July 18-19, 20th Nebraska Barons Tournament, Omaha, NE
  • July 25-26, LWRSA Tournament, New Lenox, IL
  • July 31- Aug 1, 13th Junior Wheelchair Softball World Series, Omaha, NE
  • August 6-8, 45th Wheelchair Softball World Series (adult), Biloxi, MS
  • Oct 9-10, CANCELLED:Team USA, in Japanese Wheelchair Softball Championships, Tokyo, Japan


Revisions and updates can be seen on NWSA's website or on NWSA's Facebook page.






NEW 2020 Wheelchair softball functional classification guidelines


This year the NWSA will change to the functional classification point system utilized by the National Wheelchair Basketball Association(NWBA) and United States Quad Rugby Association (USQRA). The eight class NWBA system and the seven class USQRA system well now be used to determine a player's point value when playing wheelchair softball.  A complete NWSA Classification Policy and Procedures manual will be available in the next 30 to 60 days and distributed.


Here are a few pieces of information and highlights regarding the new system:


  • Twenty-eight (28) points will be the new total player point value maximum on the field for wheelchair softball games.
  • Players must use their existing in NWBA or USQRA certified classifications in wheelchair softball if they have them.
  • Previously unclassified or new wheelchair softball players will be initially classified by a certified local team classifier, verified by opposing team classifiers, and certified at the World Series by NWSA classification panel.
  • Players having been previously classified by NWSA during previous WSWS competitions will need to have their classifications verified by opposing team classifiers this season, and certified at the World Series by the NWSA classification panel.
  • Each team must identify at least one player or volunteer to become a certified team classifier using NWBA's online classification certification system. That individual will serve as the team's certified local classifier and verify proposed player classifications from other teams during local tournaments. Players interested in becoming a certified classifier should contact their team's organizer or coaching staff.
  • Player's wishing to play as a quad player must have an existing valid USQRA classification, get classified by a local USQRA classifier before or during the season, or get classed at the WSWS. More information will be available in the Classification Policy and Procedure manual.


More information will be provided to players and teams when it is available.




2020 Team USA Wheelchair Softball selection update


The 2020 JWSA International Wheelchair Softball Championship tournament scheduled for October 9-10 in Tokyo, Japan, has been canceled. Out of concern for the health and safety of participating wheelchair softball athletes, the Japanese Wheelchair Softball Association (JWSA), and USA Wheelchair Softball jointly decided to cancel this year's event. This decision was precipitated by the cancellation of the 2020 Paralympics and many other international adaptive sports competitions as a result of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.




 Wheelchair Softball educational videos published


This educational video series (7 videos)




Adapting America's Pastime - a short movie and promotional trailers


Adapting America's Pastime" is a USA Wheelchair Softball short movie:


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