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2024 International Wheelchair Softball World Series (IWSWS)

The 2024 International Wheelchair Softball World Series (IWSWS) is gearing up to be an exciting event, set to unfold in Omaha from August 15-17 at the First Interstate Bank Sports Complex in Valley, NE. Hosted by the record 13-time champions, the Nebraska Barons, this 47th annual championship tournament promises to be a spectacle to remember. With over 20 teams (including teams from Japan, Ghana, and other countries) and 300 athletes slated to participate in more than 70 thrilling games, the tournament is poised to attract a sizable audience, including coaches, friends, family, and representatives from local and national media outlets.

Wheelchair softball, a sport characterized by its dynamic and action-packed nature, has been a part of the adaptive sports landscape In America for over 50 years. Serving as a platform for individuals with diverse abilities to showcase their extraordinary athletic talents and pursue competitive aspirations, wheelchair softball embodies the spirit of inclusivity and determination. Participants hail from various walks of life, ranging from doctors and lawyers to computer programmers and even former professional baseball players. Coming together to practice weekly and compete in summer tournaments, these dedicated athletes aim for nothing short of Wheelchair Softball World Series glory.

The adaptation of softball rules to accommodate wheelchair use, including the ingenious utilization of parking lots as playing fields, speaks to the creativity and resourcefulness of the wheelchair softball community. Athletes with a wide range of disabilities, including amputation, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, spinal bifida, congenital disabilities, and trauma injuries, contribute to the sport's rich tapestry of inclusion and inspiration, showcasing the boundless potential of the human spirit.

Host Organizations

Sponsored by Nebraska Adaptive Sports (NAS)

Nebraska Adaptive Sports (NAS)

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Sponsored by Elkhorn Athletic Association

Elkhorn Athletic Association

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Sponsored by AllPlay Miracle Buddy Baseball League

AllPlay Miracle Buddy Baseball League

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