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The National Wheelchair Softball Association is dedicated to helping new teams and programs get off the ground. We offer assistance, education and grants to newly formed teams. If you are interested in learning more about establishing a team or wheelchair softball program in your area, please feel free to contact us

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How to Start a Team


Wheelchair softball is an exciting adaptive form of America’s Greatest Pastime that is geared toward the wheelchair user.  The game can be played with little funding unless the team plans to travel.  Basically you will need four things to start a team.


1.  Payer commitment: You will need at least a dozen active and eager participants.  Wheelchair softball requires that there are at least 10 players in the line up and/or on the field at one time.  Having backup players and substitutions are essentials for any team.


2.  A field to play on: Generally, most wheelchair softball fields are placed in abandoned parking lots or any place with a hard surface that would allow 150’ down the baseline and anywhere from 180’ to 220’ straight down the center of the field.  Be careful of parking lots that have excessive lighting fixtures or poles (see the Field Dimensions page for more information).  Lines and bases on a field can be taped, chalked or painted.  Official wheelchair softball fields are required to have fencing in the outfield and backstop.


3.  Basic equipment: Bats and 16’ slow-pitch softball (Clinchers, kitten balls or mush balls as they are also commonly referred as).  The main manufacturer of these balls is DeBeer and may be found at some major sporting goods stores or ordered online.  Visit the equipment section of NWSA’s website at for more information.


4.  Have fun!  Wheelchair softball is an exciting sport that almost anyone in a manual wheelchair can play!


Additional Items:

  • Ask questions: As with any sport, the more you know, the more enjoyable it can be. Learn from others who play the sport, get the tricks of the trade from a team near you. For a team near you, visit the teams page.

  • Funding: As with any sport, finding sponsorship can be difficult.  For more information about sponsorship opportunities, visit the fund raising page.

  • Host an instructional clinic: If you are serious about starting a team, contact the NWSA to help you host an instructional clinic in your area.  They can offer expertise, instruction and in many cases, host the clinic for you.

  • Be patient:  The hardest thing about starting a team is attracting and maintaining players.  You may have to make several phone calls to potential players to get them to commit to playing.  Be assured that once a team is established, the pure excitement and competition will keep them coming back for more.

  • Tournaments:  There are several tournaments and teams to play in most parts of the country.  For a tournament near you, visit the schedule.

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