Junior Teams and Programs

The NWSA is teaming up with various organizations to develop wheelchair softball teams and programs for children with physical disabilities. The NWSA is currently seeking individuals to help build this fledgling program. Our ultimate goal is to help foster a program that provides the same confidence and team-building techniques for children with disabilities that their able-bodied counterparts enjoy through the participation of school-sponsored team sports.
If you have an interest to help promote a program for children in your area, please contact us.

Download our NWSA Junior Team Brochure or Junior Division Rules for more information. *Requires Adobe Reader.

View pic's of 2008 Juniors Division Tournament

Junior Commissioner
Keith A. McMinn
Junior Division Commissioner
24 White Cavage Court
Conowingo, MD 21918
Ph: (443) 829-2460



Photo courtesy of United Spinal Association

Help Us Bring America's Greatest Pastime to Kids with Disabilities

If you are interested in helping us promote and foster a junior wheelchair softball program please complete the form below:


E-mail Address

Phone Number


I am interested in helping out in the following areas:

Building a field in my area
Sponsoring an athlete, team or program
Starting my own team/program


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