Hall of Fame 

Hall of Fame

The NWSA Hall of Fame is more than just an award. It is rarely given out and one must demonstrate certain criteria including an unwritten ten-year tenure rule to even be eligible.

The Hall of Fame committee oversees the nomination process. Both competitors and non-competitors are eligible. For a nomination form, please contact us.


Hall of Fame Inductees
1988 - Dave VanBuskirk, Commissioner
1989 - Lloyd Zeise, Courage Rolling Gophers
1990 - Barry Hite, Courage Rolling Gophers
1991 - Milton Smith, Chicago Pacemakers
1992 - Perry Bender, Chicago Pacemakers
1992 - Todd Anderson, St. Paul Rolling Thunder
1992 - Kevin Peterson, St. Paul Rolling Thunder
1992 - Dave Eckstrom, St. Paul Rolling Thunder
1993- Bob Trotter, Chicago Pacemakers
1993 - Steve Kirkwood, Chicago Pacemakers
1993 - Larry Labiak, Chicago Pacemakers
1994 - Scott Roberson, Courage Rolling Gophers
1995 - Jon Speake, Commissioner, St. Paul Saints
1996 - Don Bulman, Chicago Pacemakers
1996 - Bart Oothoudt, St. Paul Rolling Thunder
1997 - George Kiefner, St. Paul Saints
1998 - Earl Jordan, Chicago Pacemakers
1999 - Wally Kiffmeyer, Umpire
1999 - Don Schmidt, Wisconsin Badgers
2000 - Phil Rosenberg, Wisconsin Badgers
2000 - Dick Crumb, Saint Paul Rolling Thunder
2001 - John Wall, Columbus Pioneers
2002 - Kurt Greniger Courage Rolling Twins
2003 –Scott Berg, St. Paul Saints
2003 –Manuel (Jr.) Guerra, St. Paul Saints
2003 –Dan Hall, St. Louis Rolling Rams
2006 - Ed Brewer, Chicago Pacemakers
2007 - Dale Erickson, St. Paul Rolling Thunder

2008 - Jerry Anderson, St. Paul Saints
2008 - Greg Suing, Nebraska Barons
2009 - Jorge Alfaro RIC Cubs
2009 - Mike Krato St. Louis Rolling Rams
2010 – Jeff Gustafson Courage Rolling Twins
2010 - Kurt Smith RIC Cubs
2011 - Rick Cooper, St. Paul Saints
2011 - Bruce Froendt, Nebraska Barons




Hall of Fame Mourns the Loss of one of their own

The National Wheelchair Softball Association mourns the loss of past commissioner Jon Speake who passed away in his home after a brief and painful battle with terminal lung cancer.

Jon is best remembered for his unyielding commitment to enhancing the sport of wheelchair softball and acting as NWSA’s commissioner for an unprecedented three 7-year terms. Jon was inducted into the NWSA Hall of Fame in 1995 and received acclaim for his passion for the sport.

Through Jon’s tenure, the NWSA has grown to include over 30 established softball teams throughout the country. He excelled the level of competition at the national tournament and created successful relationships with Major League Baseball.

Jon battled a post-polio disability since early childhood leaving him to utilize a wheelchair for his main source of mobility.  Outside of his commitment toward softball, Jon was an active organizer and participant in other sports such as track and field and basketball. Through his lifetime, Jon mentored countless individuals with disabilities to lead successful and independent lives through the medium of competition.   

Jon is survived by his wife Lynn, son Jon Jr., daughter Heather, and his grandson Alex.  Many friends, the St. Paul Saints wheelchair softball team, and the entire wheelchair softball community also survive Jon.

We send our heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends.

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