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The National Wheelchair Softball Association (NWSA) uses a classification system to create an equal and competitive playing field. Are players participating at the National Wheelchair Softball Tournament are required to be classified by an official classifier who will and assign a specific point value to the player.

Teams are balanced by the following point system:

Quad (any) = 1 point
Class I = 1 point
Class II = 2 points
Class III = 3 points

At no time in a game shall a team have players participating with a total value of points greater than 22.

Historically, the NWSA has accepted the classification systems of other nationally governing bodies of disabled sports such as those set forth by the USTA, NWBA, USQRA and in some instances, other disabled sports organizations. Typically, if a player is already classed by an official classifier from USTA, NWBA or USQRA, the NWSA will accept that classification and allow a new wheelchair softball player to compete under that classification.

If a new player to the sport is not already classified, the opportunity to be classified exisits usually the day before the NWST at the host hotel.

Currently, the NWSA's classification system in under review and an appointed committee is in place to review current standards and make recommendations. To view our current classification information click here for Overview (PDF Version)



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