2014 Wheelchair Softball World Series

All Tournament Teams

Championship Division (DI)

Position Player Team
Pitcher Jerry Anderson Courage Rolling Twins
Pitcher Charlie Clausen Courage Rolling Twins
Catcher Larry Labiak RIC Cubs
First Base Jim Longevin MPVA Flamethrowers
First Base Manny Guerra Courage Rolling Twins
Second Base Scott Rickford Courage Rolling Twins
Short Stop Brendan Downs Courage Rolling Twins
Third Base David Richardson MPVA Flamethrowers
Third Base Jimmy Jackson LWSRA Hawks
Left Field Evan Thorn Courage Rolling Twins
Short Field Jeff Gustafson MPVA Flamethrowers
Center Field Jake Carels Courage Rolling Twins
Right Field Brian Chavez Courage Rolling Twins
Rookie of the Year Mark Braun MPVA Flamethrowers
Best Quad Jason Miller Courage Rolling Twins
Sportsmanship Jeff Gustafson MPVA Flamethrowers
Most Valuable Player Brian Chavez Courage Rolling Twins
2013 Best Hitter Matt Johnson Nebraska Barons
2014 Best Hitter TBD

Consolation Division (DII)

Position Player Team
Pitcher Dennis Mason Tampa Bay Rays
Catcher Dave Christiani Tampa Bay Rays
First Base Jack Roudabush Tampa Bay Rays
Second Base Daisuke Tobishinia Team Japan
Third Base Ron Richardson Tampa Bay Rays
Short Stop Takahuaru Minamato Team Japan
Left Field Masatsugu Shinoda Team Japan
Center Field Wataru Horie Team Japan
Short Field Paul Shulte Tampa Bay Rays
Short Field Samir Jusupovic Sheppard Sluggers
Right Field Dave Hudler Tampa Bay Rays
Most Valuable Player Jack Roudabusch Tampa Bay Rays
Sportsmanship DeJuan Surrell South Carolina Hurricanes
Rookie of the Year Mike Gaynor New York Mets
Best Quad Dave Christiani Tampa Bay Rays
2013 Best Hitter Joe Whittkamp Cincinnati Reds
2014 Best Hitter TBD TBD


Hall of Fame Matt Johnson Nebraska Barons
Hall of Fame Barry Burk Courage Rolling Gophers
Hall of Fame Ron McGinnis Chief Umpire