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2016  NWSA Tournaments (More to be announced)

  • April 23: NWSA Wheelchair Softball Instructional Clinic, Pasadena, TX. (Contact Michelle Blunt 281-487-1755)
  • May 28-29: City of Pasadena Wheelchair Wind-Up, Pasadena, TX. (Contact Michelle Blunt 281-487-1755)
  • June 4-5 : National Wheelcats Softball Classic, Nashville, TN. (Contact Jeff Hall at jeffrey.m.hall83@gmail.com)
  • June 4-5: 1st Annual Mary Free Bed Wheelchair Softball Tournament, Grand Rapids, MI (Contact Christy VanHaver 616-840-8207)
  • June 11-12: Southeastern Slugfest, Greenville, SC (Contact: Byron Armentrout 864-369-2791)
  • June 11-12: Kansas City Invitational, Topeka, KS. (Contact Ray Petty 785-331-5034)
  • June 17-19 : RIC Chicago Cubs, Chicago, IL (Contact: Trent Thenhaus 312-238-5011) Junior games on first day, adult games on all thee days.
  • July 2-3: Japan National Championship, Sapporo, Japan. Attended by 2016NWSA Team USA.
  • July 16-17: Nebraska Barons, Omaha, NE (Contact: Bruce Froendt 402-305-5020)
  • July 16-17:  Crossroads Wheelchair Softball Classic, Victoria, TX (Contact Danny Camach0  361-722-9569)
  • July 30-31: LWRSA Hawks, New Lenox (Chicago), IL. (Contact: Keith Wallace 773-220-4522)
  • Aug. 5-6: 10th Junior Wheelchair Softball World Series – Minneapolis, MN. (Contact: Bruce Froendt 402-305-5020)
  • Aug 11-13: 41th Wheelchair Softball World Series – Biloxi, MS. Host: Deep South Hurricanes. (Contact: Bruce Froendt, Commissioner 402-305-5020, Chris Etheridge, Host 601-832-2620)

Wheelchair Softball articles from the United States and around the world.

  • NWSA Hall of Fame member Brent Rasmussen named to USA Volleyball Board of Directors – Jan 15- click for article
  • Former player cries out for welfare of wheelchair athletes (Nigeria, Africa) – Jan 15- click for article
  • YMCA breaks ground on new $30M facility in Cascade, MI (to include wheelchair softball field) – Oct 14 – click for article
  • Nations first dedicated Junior Wheelchair Softball Field built in Baltimore, MD. – Sept 14 – click for article
  • Wheelchair softball tournament at CiTi Field shows heart, passion, and adaptive sports – Sept 14 – click for article
  • Vietnam veteran finds life affirmation through 20 years of wheelchair sports – Aug 14 – click for article
  • Local team (Twins) makes good a Wheelchair World Series – Aug 14 – click for article
  • Nebraska Barons earn national attention – July 14 – click for article
  • Wheelchair athletes roll into town for Memorial Day Softball action – May 14 – click for article
  • Wheelchair athletes compete in softball tournament on new field in Topeka, KS. – May 13 – click for article