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Benefits of membership

Voting status: Member teams are allowed two votes during the General Membership Meeting which is held prior to the National tournament each year. Sanctioned team representatives can vote on new rule proposals, executive committee elections, by-law changes and changes to the constitution just to name a few.  

Communication: Member teams are privy on specific information regarding wheelchair softball such as upcoming tournaments, events, specials and discounts on equipment and apparel 

National Tournament: Only NWSA member teams may participate in the annual National Wheelchair Softball Tournament  Your team cannot be a national champion without joining NWSA 

Publicity: Member teams have the benefit of using NWSA’s Media Relations department to help generate positive press coverage through press releases, public service announcements, photography, and article writing, etc

Web Page: Member teams have the option of having their own team’s web page hosted on wheelchairsoftball.org. 

ASA Membership: With a membership with the NWSA your team is automatically enrolled with ASA membership during the national tournament

Fund Raising Opportunities: Member teams are benefited with additional fund raising opportunities.

Types of Membership

Developing Program Membership
This is an NWSA granted membership provided to new teams and programs who are just starting out. The membership does provide for waiver of the annual dues and a one-time exemption from National Tournament dues

Junior Program Membership
Junior programs and kids teams are exempted from annual dues at this time

Re-Developing Team Membership
This is a one-time NWSA granted membership provided to teams who have not participated in the National Tournament for the past two years. The membership does not provide exemption from National Tournament dues

Established Team Membership
Dues for established NWSA-sanctioned teams participating at the National Tournament are $350 annual dues and $100 tournament dues.